SDSU Extension Uses Data and Analytics to Move Into the Future

September 8, 2015

Paulsen is privileged to work alongside the South Dakota State University (SDSU) Extension team as they grow their organization into the future. One of the services that Extension takes advantage of is Paulsen’s Marketing Intelligence Program (MIP). In short, the MIP is strategy informed by analytics.

SDSU Extension generates a massive quantity of data from social, website, earned media and research. But like many organizations, Extension doesn’t have the time to devote to organizing, analyzing and interpreting that data to make decisions.

For all MIPs, Paulsen assembles a team of senior-level experts to interpret data in the larger context of agriculture as a whole, the social world, the market segment, the organization’s own strategic plan and its competitive set.

Paulsen’s approach to working with Extension overcomes time and resource constraints to thoroughly analyze the data. The Paulsen team looks for strategic adjustments that can help Extension reach its goals and take advantage of new opportunities.

“The MIP program has been a strategic tool for SDSU Extension,” says Karla Trautman, SDSU Extension associate director. “The data analysis that is provided to us from this program tells a story.  And, that story is extremely helpful because it provides the foundation by which we can make informed decisions regarding our web-based educational outreach.”

The MIP process generates solid recommendations that Extension’s team is able to implement. Some include projects that Paulsen executes in tandem with Extension. All of these activities are then measured and folded back into the ongoing process of optimizing Extension’s overall strategy – helping Extension to continue growing and improving.

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