Serving and Sharing at The Banquet

January 22, 2016

Every year, a team from Paulsen serves breakfast at The Banquet, a food and fellowship ministry in Sioux Falls.

On January 21, we helped prepare and serve breakfast sandwiches, potatoes and fruit to 231 individuals.

Part of serving at The Banquet is sharing a meal with the people we serve. That’s what had the most impact on Lead Content Developer Derek Baune, who had never served before.

“I visited with a man who was almost 60,” Derek said. “He wanted to know how old I was, asked about my job at Paulsen and he congratulated me and said he was proud of what I was doing. It was very touching and humbling. I honestly don’t think the average 60-year-old man would say that to me in another setting.”

Making connections is Media Coordinator Joanie Beaner’s favorite part of serving at The Banquet, as well. She’s volunteered there often and says, “I like meeting different people. Everyone has different interests and concerns.”

“I think we tend to stereotype people,” she said. “And those stereotypes are often not true.”

Thanks to Danita Tegethoff, Tara Young, Sarah Wolfswinkel, Joanie Beaner, Kristi Moss, Tori Toering, Derek Baune, Tom Kamnikar and daughter Maggie, Elise Hickey, Clara Jacob, Mike and Kathy Dowling and Greg Guse for stepping up this year.

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