Setting Goals Should Drive your Website RFP

by Sara Steever
January 26, 2012

The goal of anyone who has ever had the task of writing a website RFP is to get back a set of proposals that makes the vetting and selection of the right vendor easy and painless. This is an achievable goal, but it starts with an internal team that understands how to look outside of their organization and set the real goals that will help make their RFP a success.

There are three types of goals to identify for your website: Primary business/organization goals, user goals and internal/political goals.

  • Primary business/organization goals should fit within broad initiatives but be related to how a website can help you reach them. The team should work to identify a primary goal for the site, although secondary goals may also be supported. For example, the primary business goal of revenue generation via the website may be expressed by providing content to paid subscribers. A secondary goal may be a strong branding presence that might communicate the perceived value or cache of the membership.
  • User goals should be developed from the research already performed. These types of goals can help identify and refine functionality offerings that help support your primary goals. The use of personas can help your team understand why user goals are different from broader business goals. In our above example, the user goals might include the ability to control outbound communication or customize the content on their homepage.
  • Political or internal goals may not have specific numbers tied to them, but may still be important to communications. For example, green initiatives, sustainability programs or charitable giving may be important for supporting and generating good will within your community. In addition, strong historic or cultural aspects of the company may be important for hiring new associates.

Goals are just the beginning to the process. To understand all steps to writing a successful RFP, read our newest article, “Five Steps to Smarter Website RFPs.”

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