Tech Trends for 2017 Goes to NAMA Boot Camp

by Sara Steever
August 18, 2016

I recently had the chance to travel to NAMA Boot Camp with three people who are just beginning their careers.

One is a new hire at Paulsen, Kacey Herrmann, and two were students at NDSU, Dahltin Pahl and Shelby Grabanski. They were a perfect group to road trip with right before speaking at NAMA Boot Camp on tech trends that are changing marketing.

Even though I was a speaker at the event, here’s what I learned from our road trip and at Boot Camp:

  • College students and recent grads have momentum in the digital space because they are used to working at learning, which is something that’s easy to lose as we get established in our careers.
  • We are all equally excited and scared about where the work in artificial intelligence is taking us. It’s creepy-cool.
  • Both Facebook and Google can make your marketing tech presentation obsolete right before it’s delivered. Be ready to edit right up to the moment you take the stage!
  • When you’re wearing a virtual reality (VR) device, you look ridiculous, and we all have to get over it because VR is changing marketing profoundly.
  • Everyone in marketing is thinking about the analytics, even right out of school.
  • There are some really great minds that are going to ensure agri-marketing’s future is bright!

If you’ve never been to NAMA Boot Camp, plan to attend even if (or maybe especially if) you are already established in your career. If you are interested, I’d love to share my presentation on tech trends or just have a conversation on the future. We’re all learning this together. Contact me at

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