Thanks a Lot

by Sara Steever
November 24, 2015

I love Thanksgiving. It’s the holiday that celebrates things my family loves to do without reminding me that I’m lousy at shopping for gifts.

It’s a holiday that honors something that is more precious than anything we can wrap or marinate. It is a day when we can gather up people we care about and spend the day just being grateful. Taking the time to acknowledge the blessings that were always there.

When I was growing up, my mother would have us go around the dinner table and name something that we were thankful for from the last year. Around the table, from each of us, those words became our most important family history:

A safe harvest
A new baby
A loving spouse
Healthy children
A new job
A returning soldier
Healing and redemption
A country at peace
A life celebrated and passed
The love of family and friends

These were rare moments – when we would all reflect and verbalize God’s blessings.

When you are celebrating on Thursday, know that your friends at Paulsen are thankful for each of you. To our clients and vendors, friends and neighbors, please accept a heartfelt “thank you.” May the gratefulness we feel during this season be part of each day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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