Trade Show Prep: How to Make a Bang with Your Brand

July 26, 2012

For exhibitors, standing out at a crowded trade show event can seem impossible. Many use ‘wow’ tactics to capture attention while others go unnoticed by not fully planning their presence.

Three considerations will help you elevate your brand and make the most of your trade show experience.

1 – Build the Buzz

The key to success is to build excitement about what a company will be showcasing, weeks ahead of the trade show. This is the company’s chance to capture the customer’s attention without having to compete against other exhibitors or time constraints. As attendees are planning their day at an event, an exhibitor should design their direct mail or other pre-show promotional efforts in such a way that their booth is a scheduled stop for potential customers. Consider utilizing exhibitor resources and opportunities that event organizers may offer such as attendee demographics and/or lists and sponsorships.

2 – Brand the Booth

A company’s brand identity should be carried throughout all materials, communications and trade show presence. Booth design is important but good looks only go so far. Appealing design will get attendees to your booth but clearly communicated messages turn prospects into purchasers. Focus on creating clear, concise messages that support the brand and communicate how products and services can answer an important business need for the attendee.

3 – Experience the Brand

Part of a brand’s identity should involve a unique experience with every interaction. Before deciding what that interaction should be, exhibitors should identify their ultimate goal and reason for being at an event. Is it to promote, educate, sell, prospect, build brand loyalty or gain market share? Each end goal will determine a different way to allow attendees to experience the brand, such as seminars, speakers, test drives or appreciation gifts.

Many creative marketing tactics can be effective before, during and after a trade show event. The key is to plan first to make sure your brand is consistent, appealing and interactive.


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