Volleyball Team Serving Up Fun

June 24, 2014

Say hello to Casual Spandex.

Casual Spandex? We are a team of highly talented marketing professionals, who also happen to enjoy a little sand volleyball here and there. Paulsen has joined one of the most popular Sioux Falls volleyball leagues, Netbinders. The league, which hosts players from all skill levels, is played on a sand lot with five sand courts and a very long tiki bar in the middle.

Casual Spandex gets together every Tuesday night to play some serious volleyball. We attack the net mercilessly, serve aces all night long as well as constantly take breaks at the tiki bar. Every game has its ups and downs: the serve we hoped would go over the net, the volley that would never end, the save 10 yards away from the sideline, the one spike that leaves a perfect ball print in the sand. We don’t win every game, but we do have a good time regardless of the score.

As the season progresses, Tuesday night is not just about a volleyball game anymore. It’s becoming somewhat of a Paulsen tradition. Four o’clock on a Tuesday means walking through the office checking in with teammates, making sure everyone can make it to the game.

In the end it’s all about getting to know your coworkers a little more, getting a little exercise, having a few laughs and, most importantly, having a good time.

Check out some action shots from our last game. Special thanks to Voon Wong, one of our art directors, for coming out and taking the pictures.

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