What Ag Marketers Need to Know About Digital Trends

by Sara Steever Kristi Moss
April 15, 2014

We can’t help but notice trends in consumer digital media. Every time we go online we’re part of the rapidly changing digital media equation.

Where’s ag media in terms of the trends? We’re adopting more cautiously, but maybe that’s good news. We can avoid trends that bottom out or disappear. And we can learn from consumer digital media in terms of using the right technology at the right time.

What are the digital trends ag marketers need to know about? We’ve addressed these in our most recent Paulsen thought paper:

  1. Digital ad formats – including mobile, native ads and Internet Advertising Bureau Rising Star high-impact banners.
  2. Ad serving and other techno-opportunities – such as programmatic buying, retargeting and post-impression tracking.
  3. Mobile – which impacts everything digital.
  4. Analytics, measurement, data and reporting – including viewable impressions and attribution.
  5. Media fraud, standardization and oversight – and what’s being done to ensure privacy and security.

These trends will have a significant impact on ag media. Check out the details and links to keep you up-to-date on the changing landscape in the thought paper.

Read the full paper.

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