Women in Agribusiness Conference Provides Big Picture

by Sara Steever
October 7, 2016

Hundreds of women gathered in Chicago at the end of September for a couple of days of networking, learning and sharing their career and life experiences.

The Women in Agribusiness (WIA) conference brought together women from a wide variety of career paths. I met scientists, CEOs, entrepreneurs, editors, directors, principals, financial analysts, HR executives and communicators. Some were at the beginning of their careers, some in the middle, some were retired and some were starting over with a fresh perspective on what they can bring to agriculture. And, they came from all over the globe.

What we shared was a passion for our industry, for learning and for embracing change. And change was a recurring theme during WIA; change in the form of disruption—in agriculture, marketing and careers. It made for animated conversations and helped forge strong bonds.

It’s important that all of us in agribusiness have an opportunity to understand how different roles are moving the industry forward. Seeing the big picture strengthens us for the challenges ahead. WIA provided that opportunity—I hope to see you at WIA next year!

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