Your Brand is a Media

by Mark Smither
May 7, 2012

The idea that your brand needs to become its own media channel isn’t necessarily a new concept. Social media experts saw this day coming a long time ago. However, the “your brand is a media” philosophy has really caught a lot of forward-thinking businesses off guard. They never realized how much work it would take to produce content for their social media initiatives.

Social media guru Brian Solis recently wrote an article entitled, “Why Brands are Becoming Media.” In this landmark piece, he identified social media for what it is: a component of content strategy.

“One of the greatest challenges I encounter today is not the willingness of a brand to engage, but its ability to create. When blueprinting a social media strategy, enthusiasm and support typically derails when examining the resources and commitment required to produce regular content. Most companies can’t sustain social media engagement because they lack the internal editorial infrastructure to support it.

They don’t have a content strategy.”

Most businesses mistakenly believe that content strategy is simply a function of information input. The more information the better, right? What many businesses are starting to realize is that content strategy is really a function of information insight. Ask yourself–what information is most important to your customer? Why is this information important? How are we going to deliver this information in a way that is consistent with our brand?

Once you start looking at content strategy as the centerpiece of our entire digital presence (website, social media, mobile apps, etc.), then you’ll begin to understand how your brand becomes its own media. You are creating interesting, relevant and customized content across every online touchpoint.

Yes, it’s a lot of work. But a well conceived content strategy would go a long way toward helping your brand become a viable and valuable media.

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