Platform B

Find yourself needing a flexible, reliable and user-friendly brand management platform? Paulsen has the answer: Platform B. This digital portal unifies sales teams, dealer networks and multiple users by providing organized and easily accessible brand-approved materials. Developed and backed by Paulsen, this award-winning tool helps bridge the gap between parent brands and their distribution networks.

Share assets securely

Easily share and update approved marketing assets and content for an unlimited number of users on a secure platform.

Maintain brand standards

Control usage throughout teams, channels, networks or multiple locations.

Meet co-op requirements

Ensure assets are approved for co-op matching dollars.

Utilize a single portal

Communicate with network users easily through Platform B’s single, centralized communication channel.

Manage users

Add and remove team members and limit access to assets to specific groups of users.

Track data

View and track user activity, data and analytics in real time.

Platform B allows you to upload most types of files, including audio, video and digital. Your network of users can review files before downloading them, as well.

Platform B gives your user network a system to:

  • Preview and download approved marketing assets, such as images, ads, digital tactics, radio, tv, video, displays and more.
  • Adhere to brand standards and co-op requirements without submitting materials for approval.
  • Customize assets easily and use Instant Preview to view newly created assets in real time.
  • Utilize a single portal for all marketing and advertising materials.
  • Access and use new promotion or campaign materials immediately.

Featuring Instant Preview

With Platform B, users can instantly preview, in real time, their customized marketing assets—without creating a PDF or downloading a file.

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Team owners also use Platform B to email customized assets to vendors and publications and to track deliveries, opens and downloads of assets.

Platform B won a Best of NAMA award in the category that includes web apps. NAMA is the National Agri-Marketing Association, which has an annual competition for the best work in ag and rural lifestyle communications.

Paulsen originally developed Platform B for our clients to use. They love it so much we’re making it publicly available.

In addition, Paulsen backs Platform B with ironclad support and service—and our years of experience in ag and rural lifestyle marketing.