Media Amidst a Pandemic

• 5 minute read

While the changing media landscape can bring about uncertainty, there are ways that marketers and business owners can be prepared, aligning their strategies with the changing times.

The Power of Belonging: How Electric Cooperatives Can Engage Their Members

• 3 minute read

Each of us has a powerful, innate need to be connected, to matter, to be part of something larger than ourselves. Member-centric rural electrical cooperatives have embodied this need for 85 years. What can member-centric organizations do to make sure members feel like they truly belong?

Understanding the Rural Lifestyle Audience

• 2 minute read

What makes rural lifestyle customers unique? What do they want most from their rural lifestyle experience? Our survey of 720 rural Americans identifies five key customer segments and the best way to reach them.

COVID-19 Response: How Marketers Can Pivot and Adapt Their Brands Right Now

• 4 minute read

How your brand responds to COVID-19 in the next 30-60 days will likely determine how you emerge in the post-pandemic economy. This is what you should be doing right now.

Breaking Brand Standards During COVID-19

• Less than a minute

The Paulsen team is closely monitoring how high-profile brands are responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

5 Facts About Farming That Americans Need to Know

• 2 minute read

In honor of National Ag Day, we asked our employees who farm what they wish consumers knew about farming. These employees have a unique perspective—they farm and work in communications. Here’s what they told us.

Why Is College Enrollment Dropping in Rural Areas?

• 3 minute read

Recently we did a deep dive into research on rural areas in the U.S. Fewer students from rural areas are attending college and this presents a real challenge for universities. What can colleges and universities in rural areas do to reverse this trend?

Are You Following the Rules and Regs of Influencer Marketing?

• 1 minute read

Influencer marketing may seem like new territory—but actually, influencers have been around for decades. So has the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), running alongside to keep consumers safe and brands truthful. Are you aware of the FTC’s guidelines? Here’s a summary of what you need to know.

California Consumer Privacy Act Deadline Is Near

• 2 minute read

The deadline for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) legislation is nearing. How do you know if this impacts your business?

Warning: No Lifeguard on Duty. Swim At Your Own Risk.

• 2 minute read

Imagine a swimming pool at your local recreational center. Usually, the pool is divided into two areas with the swimming lane portion roped off for laps. The other area of the swimming pool is usually reserved for open swimming, which means mayhem. The chaos of raw data in front of marketers today is like an open-swim area.

The Big Brand Era

• 4 minute read

Good branding is #winning—except when disaster strikes. Some big brands play fast and loose. Some have unimaginably difficult problems. Welcome to The Big Brand Era.

All Things Accessible

• 3 minute read

What is web accessibility? How does your site measure up? And—does it really matter? The answer is that it does matter. In fact, the recent Supreme Court decision with regards to Domino’s Pizza underlines the importance of web accessibility.