Do you offer your members future-ready farming?

August 1, 2016 • 1 minute read

Few farmers have the time to master all the high-tech tools at their disposal. As a trusted partner, your cooperative can help members move confidently into the future, through:

Interpreting data and making recommendations

Farmers are collecting a wealth of data. But many don’t know how to maximize the information. The cooperative that can analyze and interpret the data, and use it to make sound agronomic recommendations, will be in a winning position.

Providing farm management and financial software services

Members with large operations may have their own farm management software, but smaller producers have the same needs for documentation and verification. Providing this service to your members, along with the assurance of absolute security, positions your co-op for ongoing, long-term relationships.

Establishing a brand that shows you’re ready for tomorrow

Check out tech trends that will impact your business soon. Taking action today to establish a brand that meets the expectations of future generations of producers, employees, communities and consumers will help you become the cooperative change leader of the future.