How is Your Cooperative Perceived in Your Market?

January 2, 2017 • 1 minute read

Is your cooperative’s brand consistent with your values, mission and goals?

At Paulsen, we help clients truly own their brands through a proprietary process called the Brand Activation Plan. It’s designed to identify your cooperative’s unique attributes and competitive advantages.

Through a series of interviews with members, employees, board members, staff, vendors and non-member producers, we pinpoint the characteristics and brand personality of the cooperative. Questions we address include:

  • What is the market’s perception of your co-op?
  • Does your current branding accurately represent what your co-op is known for?
  • Is there a need or opportunity within your co-op’s service area to gain a competitive advantage with a stronger brand?

Through this process, we’ll discover whether there is a significant difference between your co-op’s desired brand and how your co-op is actually perceived in the marketplace.

It is important to align brand perception with brand reality to ensure your co-op is meeting the needs and expectations of your customers. It also helps your co-op maintain a consistent message at every brand touch point—from the CEO to the sales team to the member-owners.

With this information, we can help you create a communications strategy that builds on your strengths, corrects marketplace misperceptions and helps you reach your goals.