How to Know When Your Website Needs to Be Refreshed

December 12, 2016 • 1 minute read

Unlike most marketing tactics, websites are always a work in progress. Adjusting to the fast pace of the web can be challenging for folks accustomed to other media.

Not only does your web content need to be updated on a regular basis, but the site itself should be audited every year or two for needed changes. Right now, considerations include:

  1. Is your website mobile-friendly? Sixty-nine percent of producers use a smartphone to access the web. And Google penalizes non-mobile websites in search results.
  2. Does your current site accurately reflect your brand?
  3. Is your website the preferred “go-to” site for your members?
  4. Does your website provide all the functionality your members want and need, such as access to their account data, real-time markets, weather and information from experts?
  5. Is your site easy to navigate and use?
  6. Are you making use of video to increase engagement on your site?

When it comes to your website, technology is moving faster than ever. Don’t be left behind.