Jenny Stelmach, American Agri-Women

January 21, 2020 • 1 minute read

“Find a passion, not a job.” –Jenny Stelmach

For the last 20 years, Jenny Stelmach has worked as a commodity broker and for the last two has served as vice president of American Agri-Women. She shares how she came to work in agriculture and dispenses career wisdom and advice.

Jenny Stelmach

Jenny Stelmach grew up spending weekends on the farms of both sets of grandparents, who were involved in dairy, haying and growing tobacco. When she started college at Western Kentucky University, she planned to become a dentist, but changed her major to agricultural economics after a summer job at a chemical wholesale company. Stelmach’s early involvement in Kentucky Women in Ag and American Agri-Women enabled her to make connections and obtain advice, which led to developing solid career goals.


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