Jill Wheeler, Syngenta

October 17, 2016 • 1 minute read

“Agriculture is the lens through which we view some of today’s most compelling issues. Agriculture can directly address poverty, as well as equality, in terms of food security.” –Jill Wheeler

Growing up on a farm prepared Jill Wheeler for her ag marketing career—and for the hard work necessary for success. One of the reasons she values ag technology is the memory of her experience as a youngster cutting volunteer corn out of bean fields with a corn hook. Wheeler and her daughter, Anna Libra, share insights on ag’s big picture, strategies for career growth and being female in a traditionally male field.

Jill WheelerJill Wheeler

Wheeler is head of sustainable productivity for Syngenta in North America, where she oversees U.S. and Canadian implementation of the company’s Good Growth Plan—a series of six measurable, global commitments designed to improve food security, rural prosperity and environmental sustainability by 2020. Her background includes integrated marketing for a range of leading agricultural and animal health companies. Wheeler is a native of Iowa, where she grew up on a corn and soybean farm. She holds a B.A. in journalism from South Dakota State University and an MBA from Aspen University.

Anna Libra

Wheeler’s daughter, Anna, recently graduated from Loyola University in Chicago with a major in international business and marketing. She has taken part in the HungerU program.


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