Pamela Sweeten, P. Sweeten Consulting

August 29, 2018 • 1 minute read

“Ag is not just cows and plows. It’s so much more. From communication to policy to rulemaking—and you can be involved in that side that would help protect agriculture.” –Pamela Sweeten

Pamela Sweeten has worked in food safety for many years, helping guide industry improvements and response to consumer preferences. Sweeten visits with host Sara Steever about her career, ag policy and opportunities for young people.

Pamela-SweetenPamela Sweeten

Principal of P. Sweeten Consulting, Sweeten provides strategic planning and development to establish tracking and traceability of food. Previously she worked in business development for the food and beverage division of Shepard Bros., Inc. and as food safety technical representative for BioSafe Systems, LLC. Sweeten is a member of California Women for Agriculture and American Agri-Women, the nation’s largest coalition of farm, ranch and agribusiness women. She is the founder and current board member of Women in Ag for Mentoring & Empowerment. Sweeten says she did not grow up on a farm, isn’t a farmer currently and didn’t marry a farmer—but she understands the connection between consumers and farmers.


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