Stephanie Liska, Beck Ag, Inc.

June 6, 2018 • 1 minute read

“What we put in stone at 22 is not what we end up with at 30, and at 38 and at 52. We have to continually redefine success, because we can’t predict the future.” –Stephanie Liska

Stephanie Liska grew up on a farm with a mother who encouraged her to be anything she wanted to be. She attended Iowa State University and credits courses in psychology and sociology with helping her better understand how people tick, which has been a benefit throughout her 30+ years in ag sales and leadership positions. Liska discusses this and other influences that helped her succeed.

Stephanie-LiskaStephanie Liska

Stephanie Liska has served as president and CEO of Beck Ag, Inc., for 19 years, leading a growing organization to effectively help its clients and their customers improve their business. Previously she was in sales and sales management at Adayana AgriBusiness Group and American Cyanamid. Liska attended Iowa State University, where she earned a B.S. in public service and administration in agriculture. As a student, she was actively in the National Agri-Marketing Association and Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, which taught her how to network and “see life after college.” She grew up on a family farm in Iowa.


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