Sustain and Increase Loyalty Through Member Relations

September 6, 2016 • 1 minute read

Leaders of successful cooperatives know that members—even though they are, by definition, owners—need to be treated like customers.

To remain strong and dynamic, your co-op needs member loyalty and engagement. You want members to understand and prefer your products, services and facilities. And you want them to know why they should support and do business with their cooperative.

Ways of keeping members engaged include:

  • Monthly or quarterly publications, which can be electronic, paper or both. These would feature news, profiles of staff or members and information on products and services.
  • Email messages sent on a regular basis to provide updates.
  • Social media, providing photos, videos and news in the moment.
  • Annual meetings, where you have the opportunity to visit with members face-to-face or via streaming video.
  • A mobile strategy that supports the multiple ways members receive information.