The Ag Retailer with Answers to Questions About Data Wins

October 3, 2016 • 1 minute read

Your customers are looking for a trusted advisor to help them make sense of all the data captured in today’s farming operations.

The ag retailer that can help the producer collect, translate, secure and make solid agronomic recommendations from this information has a significant sales advantage.

Why is this so critical now?

  1. Information technology is flooding the marketplace. It seems like more and more companies are offering more and more solutions involving data collection. Some data and devices can work together and others can’t.
  2. Growers may not have time to learn how to collect, evaluate and combine data and devices, especially when there’s more than one system. Which data from which device is most worthwhile?
  3. Most farmers need help interpreting the data. Your cooperative can bring tremendous value to producers if you can examine the data, explain it and use it for making agronomic recommendations.