The Importance of Sustainability Leadership

August 22, 2016 • 1 minute read

Environmentalism, sustainability and the regulations that surround them are hot topics nationally.

As a trusted partner, your cooperative should provide leadership in sustainability, starting immediately, in several ways:

Define Sustainability

Create a system for benchmarking and measuring sustainability at the producer level. It’s information that will be critical to capture at every level of the supply chain. Help
your members establish systems and track their data.

Information for Members

Your members look to their cooperative for leadership on ag practices and issues. Do you have sustainability programs? Are you holding sustainability-focused events? How do you provide information on sustainability to your membership? Is sustainability discussed in newsletters or emails?

Information for Consumers

Because of your relationship at the farm gate, co-ops are uniquely qualified to answer consumer questions about how food arrives sustainably to their table. Your members will value your leadership in education and advocacy.