There’s a new generation of ag producers. How can you meet their needs?

October 10, 2016 • Less than a minute

Today’s new producers approach farming differently than their fathers and grandfathers. Some of these characteristics are:

Greater reliance on new technology

Younger producers have grown up with mobile phones, video games and GPS. They’re comfortable with technology and expect it to help them achieve solutions.

More focused on ROI

Among the new generation of producers, there’s often less sentimentality and a more business-like approach when it comes to management, purchasing and more.

Open to new ideas, relationships and products

The younger generation of producers can be less loyal to brands, less influenced by existing relationships and excited to try new strategies.

Increased reliance on mobile, digital and social media for information

Most of today’s farmers access information online. But the up-and-coming generation expects a constant flow of news they need.