Why Netflix Makes Farming Better

by Sara Steever
July 30, 2019 • 2 minute read

Did anyone in your family shop on Amazon during Prime Day? How about binge watch a Netflix original? Google a trivia question? Share a cat video on Facebook? It might surprise you to learn that these activities are changing a critical aspect of farming.

Farmers have always needed information to make good decisions. The evolution of technology has given us an overwhelming amount of data, and many farmers have the terabytes from their own operations to prove it.

Early on, doing something with that data was such a painful challenge that much of it never saw its real potential to improve the bottom lines of users. Why? Because the experience of trying to glean something just wasn’t worth it.

What does this have to do with Amazon, Facebook, Netflix or Google? The companies that have developed these technology platforms know that if you can’t figure out how to use them, you’ll leave and go to a site that is easy to use.

In other words, if you have a bad user experience, you will move on—and fast. Three seconds has become a lifetime on a mobile device.

Maybe you don’t stop to think about it, but the experiences you have on Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and Google set your expectations for every other online experience you will ever have. Here’s what we now expect from every website.

  • Technology should make life easier.
  • Websites should look right on my phone—no pinch to zoom.
  • Buttons need to be big enough to tap accurately.
  • Websites should be intuitive and lightning-fast.
  • Websites should anticipate my needs and only give me relevant information.
  • If I have given a website my data, it needs to remember me across devices.
  • My data should be private, secure and always accessible.
  • My data should be presented in a way that helps me make good decisions.
  • If I want my privacy back, my data must be 100% removed.

While some high-profile data and privacy breaches have made headlines recently, that hasn’t changed our desire for everything described above. If anything, it has drawn more attention to what should be the baseline for a good user experience online.

Your expectations are being elevated by companies that invest millions of dollars and all of their efforts in creating a better user experience than their competition. As companies bring new technologies online, the ones that will succeed will crack this code.

Preparing for a future that will be different from today means that the platforms and technology we invest in must be built in a way that makes them flexible enough to evolve as users’ expectations change.

What does this mean for ag marketers? Your technologies websites and apps should provide an excellent user experience. And they should be updated on a regular basis to continue bringing value to your clients and prospects.

As new technologies get traction—like blockchain, traceability and smart glasses, to name a few—they will inevitably impact agriculture. As ag marketers, we need to be ready to understand and use these tools and technologies that will make farming better.

A slightly different version of this article appeared previously in the Landus Cooperative publication, Grow.

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