Creating Content People Care About

by Kristi Moss
May 30, 2019

Anyone in marketing knows that content is a hot topic; every brand needs to have content strategy and a way to engage with prospects and customers online. It is the marketing lifeblood of the customer journey.

If you’ve been responsible for creating that content, you have to ask, “How can I be meaningful? How can I write something that people will care about? How can I keep our prospect begging for more?”

What are people begging for? Google Trends would tell you that in the last 30 days, Americans cared about sports. Apparently we really, really care about sports. NBA playoffs, The Masters and the NFL draft top the list. Game of Thrones seems to hold its own though.

If my research is accurate, many of Facebook’s most-shared posts are animal pictures; this one never gets old:

Don’t worry, feline lovers…the Internet still loves cat videos. Mark this page for your next coffee break. Coming in at 76 million views, this video shows that YouTube does not disappoint when it comes to kitty cuteness.

Not surprisingly, Instagram’s top likes are mostly celeb selfies. But not to be outdone is this cracked egg, securing one of the top spots in the Instagram hall of fame with over 12 million likes.

But wait! There’s more. Here’s an UNCRACKED egg, which currently holds the spot of most liked Instagram post.

I am not sure what that says about our society, but I have to wonder—am I overthinking this post?

Actually, no. Of equal importance in the engagement process are two things: creating content that people care about and making sure you have the right audience. Google Trends is fascinating, but it may not have the data to help you understand either of those foundational principles. For that you will need your own data and understanding of your audience.

Your own analytics, both web and social, will tell you what’s working for you. And never underestimate quality time in the field, cab or barn. Content that people care about comes from that deep knowledge of your customer, informed by data. Save the cat videos for after you’ve binged Game of Thrones.