Digital Media or Traditional Media?

January 29, 2018

I recently visited with a client prospect that came to us quite frustrated with his advertising program. He was spending a considerable amount of money and was just not satisfied with the results he was seeing. His company sales were growing each year, but not to the extent he was expecting—especially given his investment and commitment to their advertising program.

During our conversation, he explained his company was all in on digital advertising because of the measurability and wide array of analytics available. The lion’s share of their entire annual advertising budget was invested in digital advertising tactics including a new, state-of-the-art website, pay per click, banner ads, email blasts, an e-newsletter—most every tool in the digital toolbox was being used, yet he wasn’t seeing the results they anticipated.

This client was clearly looking for answers to what his company should be doing differently to improve his advertising ROI.

I asked members of our media department to get involved in the conversation. They agreed the commitment and application of digital advertising tactics were impressive. But they also brought up a very good point. This company was less than five years old, and none of us had any previous familiarity with their brand or the segment of agriculture in which they operated.

After further discussion, our team concluded that this client was so focused on marketing specific products that they had neglected to tell their audience of farmers who they are and what they stand for.

Our media group director, Kristi Moss, was quick to point out that several recent studies confirm that ag producers still rely on trusted sources of information that influence their purchasing and management decisions on the farm. Their favorite national and regional publications and their local radio farm director remain heavily relied on—in addition to online media options.

As Kristi explained, “Traditional ag media provides broader audience reach to build name awareness and credibility. Digital is a great way to be more targeted with a product offer.”

We determined that Branding 101 was needed—a communications program using farm print, farm broadcast, direct mail, public relations and yes, digital components as well, to create awareness, credibility and preference for this brand.

So to answer the question, “Digital media or traditional media?”—the answer is typically both.

The secret sauce is in knowing the appropriate mix among all the ag media options available—something we take a great deal of pride in here at Paulsen.

Curious to know the right media mix for your advertising?

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