Ignite Your Brand

January 2, 2015

Hey farmers, you know that place you pour your heart and soul into day every day? Yeah, your farm. Well it’s a lot more than your family’s homestead. It’s a brand. That’s right, your farm is a brand and that matters because I’m going to ask you to do something with that brand – market it.

I know, I know, because you don’t do enough already, feeding the world and all. But the story of where my food comes from is important for so many reasons. We’ve got to fill the disconnect between you and consumers.

Consider this from The Center for Food Integrity 2014 Consumer Trust Research:

  • 41% of consumers believe food grown organically is more healthful than conventionally grown food
  • Only 28% of surveyed consumers trust today’s food system
  • 55% say if farm animals were treated decently and humanely, they would eat meat, milk and eggs
  • Only 25% of consumers believe that U.S. meat is derived from humanely treated animals

If you feel that any of the above beliefs may be misguided, by all means, take a stand and market your brand. Educate consumers on how you produce their food, the precautions you take to protect its integrity and the care you give to your livestock.

There is some good news – you don’t have to venture far to contribute to the conversation! According to the survey, the most trusted information source for moms, millennials and foodies alike is – the Internet.

From Facebook and Twitter to your very own website, making the truth behind your brand accessible to the consumer is only a click away. Your story is amazing, share it with the world. Happy marketing!