In the Beginning…

by Clara Jacob
June 3, 2014

I love writing about seed.

That sounds a little like one of those statements that would ensure one’s status as the least popular person at the party.

I don’t mean I like writing about the technical aspects of seed – analyzing the morphological and anatomical characteristics during germination, for example.

What I like is that seed is the expression of pure potential.

Some years back I had the opportunity to work as a creative director and writer on several national corn, soybean and cotton seed brands.

That’s when I fell I love with seeds. They’re so cool! You can hold them in your hand. But they’re like little time capsules. They contain the future. Actually, they contain numerous futures – depending on moisture, sunlight, wind, insects and other factors. Within a seed, anything is possible. Everything is possible.

Spring is when potential peaks. Fields develop the soft, feathery-green top layer as plants emerge. At this point, anything is still possible.

My fondness for potential extends to all sorts of beginnings. The best part of any work project, for me, is the starting point, when creative excitement runs high. The tip-off as a basketball game starts… the moment the airplane wheels leave the ground…a film’s opening scene…these are a few of MY favorite things.

That’s why I feel that even a single seed is a beautiful, mind-boggling thing. It doesn’t just symbolize the future. It actually IS the future.