Increased Media Automation Makes Relationships More Important

July 31, 2018

It may sound like a contrarian perspective, but it’s true: Data and marketing automation have increased the amount of trust needed to build and execute successful digital media buying. Here’s why:

1. Complexity

The sheer number of complex ways to execute a campaign strategy is mind-boggling. For example, a data-driven advertising campaign in the past could include several options, such as direct mail based on demographics or geo-zoned print ads.

Today, sophisticated data players in the industry offer numerous ways to integrate data layering into multi-media and cross-channel campaigns. A continual dialogue with key partners helps you stay on top of trends and form a shared vision when faced with a multitude of options.

2. Publisher Involvement

Another reason for building and maintaining relationships is the high degree of publisher involvement in the entire process, from creative to reporting.

In some instances, publishers put their names on your content to boost brand credibility. In other cases, their delivery systems optimize the mix of headlines, images and video to help you get the best results from the campaign.

While automation provides a high-efficiency vehicle to traffic ads, optimize delivery and run reporting, someone still needs to drive the process. If you’re doing anything new in ag media, you will need to work closely with industry partners to make sure all automated tracking and delivery mechanisms are properly set up, operating and in sync.

3. Trust and Honesty Drive Everything

Forging new frontiers in ag media involves a higher risk-reward proposition than repeating the same thing year after year. A foundation of trust and open communication creates the opportunity for successful innovation. It’s what clients ask for, it’s why they hire agencies and it’s how we move the industry forward.