All Things Accessible

• 3 minute read

What is web accessibility? How does your site measure up? And—does it really matter? The answer is that it does matter. In fact, the recent Supreme Court decision with regards to Domino’s Pizza underlines the importance of web accessibility.

Is Optimizing to Consumer Attention on the Horizon?

• 2 minute read

Is the ag media industry ready to embrace measuring time and attention rather than delivery when it comes to programmatic digital buying?

GDPR and the Trend Toward Privacy

• 16 minute read

What is GDPR and what does it mean for agri-marketers? Paulsen President Sara Steever dives into this topic with advice on how to prepare your company.

Is Artificial Intelligence Making My Job Obsolete?

• 2 minute read

It’s likely that nearly every American uses an automated service which five years ago would have been executed by a human. Artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automation is growing fast and shows no signs of slowing down.

What Will 5G Mean for Rural America?

• 1 minute read

You’ve probably heard about 5G cell phones. What’s 5G—and what does it mean for farmers and others living in rural areas?

It’s Not My Phone That’s Tracking Me After All

• 2 minute read

Your phone’s not tracking you, but here’s what is. A lot of people are talking about it, and not just on obscure conspiracy-theorist sites. Fast Company, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal have also noticed.

Seed Company Trends: The Rise of the Regionals and Independents

• 3 minute read

In an industry where each day seems to bring a new merger or acquisition, we think the future for regional and independent seed companies is very bright. Here’s why.

Creating Content People Care About

• 1 minute read

Anyone in marketing knows that content is a hot topic; every brand needs to have content strategy and a way to engage with prospects and customers online.

My Phone Is Tracking Me and Why It Matters

• 3 minute read

The first time I became fully aware that my phone was watching me was after a nice meal at an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles with my son. If you have a heartbeat and a mobile device, you’ve probably had something similar happen to you.

Print’s Place in a Digital World

• 2 minute read

Paulsen Media Group Director, Kristi Moss, can give you five really good reasons why print should be in your media mix. And you might agree. But you might also be thinking she’s correct only because farmers are old school, right?

Digital? Traditional? It’s All Media.

• 1 minute read

As a media buyer, I have been bothered for quite some time by the fact that the industry seems to separate digital marketing and traditional marketing.

How to Get Farmers to Consume Your Writing—and Come Back for More

• 4 minute read

Generating high quality, valuable content can make or break your organization’s status as a leader in the agriculture and rural lifestyle industries.