Rural Lifestyle Goes to Town

by Kristi Moss
March 29, 2013

How familiar are you with the term “rural urbanism?” What about “rurbanism?” As it turns out, as marketers they’re terms we should be taking time to familiarize ourselves with. Better yet, they’re an entire group of consumers we need to get to know and figure out how to reach in an effective way.

The urban ruralist strives for a little bit of country life in the city. This market understands food sources and embraces the idea of removing the layers of the food distribution system. These city dwellers say they think like their rural neighbors. They show an interest in community-focused interactions. These consumers want to know where their food is coming from. They care about the environment.

The urban ruralist walks on concrete but dreams of grass.

It’s important to see there’s a market here. There’s a market for seed, for small greenhouses, for perennials, for fencing, for proper companion animal (and chicken!) housing. There’s a market for feed, for tools, for animal care and for knowledge.

And what does this mean for the rural lifestyler? Are things changing? We would argue they’re two distinct markets. Yet they share a common thread: the general feeling of being closer to the food source, a better understanding of our food chain, and a thirst for knowledge and education.

Now we have an important job to do. Figure out how to best communicate with this market. At Paulsen, we see acres of potential. Can you see it too?

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