Social Media: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the Best

by Clara Jacob
August 20, 2014

How does your business use social media? Could you do better?

All too often, the intern is assigned to handle social media.

This is a recipe for disaster. Every social media post is like a press release. It’s critical that your social media strategist have judgment as astute as your company spokesperson’s.

Unfortunately, examples of social media debacles abound.

  • Over the 2014 Fourth of July weekend, American Apparel posted a photo of the space shuttle Challenger explosion, apparently mistaking it for fireworks. The person who posted the photo was too young to know about the 1986 event.
  • US Airways famously posted a pornographic image on Twitter in response to a customer complaint. It was apparently a simple mistake, but when you have an audience of thousands in a social network, no mistake goes unnoticed.
  • In our community, a restaurant customer and the restaurant’s co-owner battled on Facebook. In the past, disagreeing with a customer would be a private matter. Now, hundreds of people witnessed and commented on the exchange on social media and it became news — reported in the local paper. A small faux pas on the part of the restaurant owner turned into a PR nightmare and loss of business.

How can you make social media work harder for you?

Your social media shouldn’t be just a fire hose of information. Make sure you have a social media strategy. And make sure it’s guided by objectives, careful targeting and effective messaging. Just like the rest of your marketing efforts.

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