Stand Up and Tell Ag’s Story

December 30, 2013

There’s a joke that goes: You know you’re a Lutheran if they’re singing, “Stand up, stand up for Jesus,” and everyone’s sitting down. As a Lutheran, I can appreciate the humor, because it’s based in a bit of truth. I wish there was even a bit of truth in what’s being said and done to agriculture and agribusiness these days. Maybe then, we’d at least be amused.

With the latest round of attacks by Big Oil and their surrogates, along with others seeming to blame agriculture and agribusiness for everything but the designated hitter rule, it is long past time for us all, and I mean all, to stand up, stand up for agriculture.

We have to continue to tell agriculture’s story, but more importantly, tell the people of agriculture’s story. The farmers I know are sophisticated business people who have to keep up on the latest innovations and are skilled at managing an increasingly complex business. And despite the hard work and the tremendous risk, they’re also some of the most optimistic people about the future and the tremendous opportunities that their industry has for this country.

The latest article looks at ways we can stand up and tell those stories.