Storytelling Is at the Center of a Changing Communications Landscape

July 11, 2013

Aside from my kids, most people would not call me old. But having entered my career just prior to mainstream use of digital and social media, I guess you could say I am from the “old-school” of journalism.

“Old-school” journalism staunchly defends the concept that news is not for sale, follows the AP Style Book religiously and, if even your mother says she loves you, you still check the source twice. The line between journalism and advertising—church and state if you will—was once clearly defined.

Today we are in a changing communications landscape, and even for an “old-schooler” I am excited about the content optimization opportunities that can change how brands interact with their consumers and how we use technology to tell stories.

No longer is there a simple line to follow, but an entire matrix of possibilities available to communicators. Those who master the art of integrated communications across various departments who collaborate to tell a brand’s story in the most creative and consumer-centric ways will achieve success for clients through consumer trust and engagement.

The case study we explored in “The Twinkie Effect: Even a Sponge Cake Has a Story” demonstrated the power of storytelling and creating content that both brands and consumers benefit from.

Content marketing’s perfect equation is good storytelling + brand expertise = consumer benefits. In other words, good, useful content serves brands and readers alike.

We no longer think about brands as stoic, inanimate objects out only for their own gain. Content marketing is a brand’s opportunity to share its personality and expertise in more creative formats with the goal of meeting consumers’ needs or desires.

Today’s content-hungry audiences are most interested in the usefulness of information they are looking for. Brands who fill that appetite with content delivered through various communication channels such as blogs, videos, white papers, social media and more will quickly become the go-to trusted source for consumers.

Here at Paulsen, we help clients understand their audiences by monitoring social conversations and conducting market research. We then are able to make integrated recommendations about the most effective ways to create content and communicate with consumers.

The power of a good story still stands, and evolving communications strategies are opening exciting possibilities to take “old-school” storytelling to new levels.

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