Successful Marketing’s “One Thing”

by Sara Steever
January 24, 2013

The 2012 drought showed us that the producers and agribusinesses we serve face trials unlike any other industry in this country. Their resilience and optimism are reminders of just how fleeting our understanding of their challenges can be. And that understanding is the one thing that either makes or breaks our communications.

As complex as marketing is these days, it is hard to imagine that effectiveness hinges on a single thing, but it does. At the core of marketing is a fundamental understanding of your audience. For us, that means spending time with farmers, ranchers and the people they depend on in their operations. Without that investment of time and effort, our communications are invisible in a sea of messaging, or worse, miss the mark completely.

Modern farming presents huge challenges for producers, but new opportunities for communicators. Marketing today is not about beating producers over the head with market-speak. It’s about adding value to their operations. If you can understand them well enough to do that, you’ll find your messages become their words. And that is a powerful place to be.

Let’s take a closer look at our farming and ranching audience.