The Power of a Brand

June 26, 2018

In our marketing world, the concept of branding is often misunderstood and usually underappreciated.

First of all, ask five people for their definition of a brand and you’ll likely get five different answers:

“It’s a company’s name and logo.”
“It’s a company’s signage and product packaging.”
“It’s the experience a customer has with a company, its people and its products.”
“It’s a company’s reputation.”
“It’s the expectation you have in doing business with a company.”

All of these answers are correct in one way or another. In fact, let me add several more:

  • Branding is a way to differentiate a company from its competitors.
  • Branding builds confidence in and a preference for your products or services.
  • Branding is the essence of who you are as a company and what you stand for.

Given all these things we expect branding to do for us, there are two very important recommendations we make to our clients regarding their brands—clarity and consistency.

Brand clarity means clean design and clear messaging. The advice that “simpler is better” is especially true here. If your brand is not clearly defined, understood and embraced by the entire organization, it will never realize its full potential to impact your business.

Brand consistency means rigorous allegiance to standards that have been established at all touchpoints, including visual and written communications, digital presence and the overall customer experience before, during and after the sale.

As organizations evolve over time, their brand may become dated and need new life. That’s why we recommend a periodic brand check-up for our clients.

We call it the Brand Activation Plan (BAP), and it’s an excellent tool to identify the most pressing branding and marketing challenges facing a company. Through a formal process of internal and external interviews, we can assess the health of your brand and offer key recommendations to keep your brand relevant, believable and compelling.

Your brand has the power to differentiate and drive your business. If it’s time to take a closer look and perhaps fine-tune your brand presence, give us a call. We’re ready to help.