Time for a Change

May 1, 2014

Change is the engine that drives the agency business.

New companies, new products, new services and new direction for marketing programs create opportunities for companies like ours. Change is the life-blood that fuels our agency to pay our bills, grow our business and put shoes on the feet of our children. We’d be dead in the water without the change that propels us forward.

In that spirit, it’s time for me to make a change as well. After six years as president of Paulsen Marketing, 19 years with the agency and a career that spans 38 years in agricultural marketing and advertising, it’s time to write a new chapter.

Thus, as a result of a succession plan that has been in process for the past two years, I’m pleased to announce that Sara Steever will become Paulsen’s fourth agency president in the 63-year history of our firm, effective May 1.

Sara is a 23-year veteran of the agency and has played an instrumental role in developing and managing our digital/interactive capabilities here at Paulsen. As a result of her commitment and determination, Paulsen Marketing has earned a respected reputation as an industry leader among agencies that offer digital products and marketing communications services to agri-businesses.

I’m not going anywhere just yet; there are still a number of things I want to accomplish here at Paulsen. As part of this transition, I will continue to serve the agency as executive vice president, business development. My responsibilities will include new business development, mentoring members of our account service team and representing Paulsen within the agri-marketing industry.

When I assumed the reins of the agency from our CEO, Thane Paulsen, in 2008, I had a number of goals that I shared with agency employees. One of them was “to make a difference—a difference for the clients we serve and a difference for ourselves.”

I can proudly say that we have made a difference on both counts. Because of the trust and confidence clients have placed in us, our employees have enjoyed professional and creative opportunities that perhaps they never dreamed of before.

And as I’ve seen our clients grow their sales, market share and overall presence in their industry segments, we’ve helped make an important difference in their lives as well.

It’s been an honor and a privilege to lead our agency during the past six years. Sure there have been ups and downs—especially during those days of the recession in 2009-2010. But certainly more ups than downs, more wins than losses.

We have some very exciting changes taking place here at Paulsen Marketing and I can’t wait to see them unfold over the next few months.

Since I’m not going anywhere, this isn’t a sappy goodbye; but rather a heartfelt thank you to the Paulsen management team, our entire staff, every one of our valued clients, media friends and suppliers who have supported me.

Please join me in wishing Sara Steever all the very best of success in her new role as agency president!