Word for Word

April 28, 2015

Imagine receiving a text message late at night from a colleague to read an urgent work related blog post, only to find it’s near 5,000 words. Or perhaps the CEO of your company emails you an article that could have significant impact on your business, but your day is packed with meetings and you have very little time to read it.

How many times have we come across articles that are grossly long, but every bit of the information is required for us to know? More and more information is produced every day since the mid 2000s than all of recorded history up to that point. Domo has a wonderful infographic that highlights a few of the most recognizable data collection services, but what’s even more mind-boggling is that these statistics are becoming exponentially difficult to calculate, just due to the rate at which the modern world generates data every day.


Six months or so ago, I came across a technology that could have a useful impact on how society can increase its reading speed in digital formats. The longer I thought about it, the more I realized that application is not just relegated to reading faster, it also has the potential for impact in the marketing world. This technology has been introduced to us by a company called Spritz. Below is a short video demonstrating its approach. Basically, it reads the content and then presents each word to you back-to-back, almost like someone scrolling through flash cards at an incredible speed.

What if this kind of technology is implemented on your favorite blog or news source, allowing you to read the article two to three times as fast as you had before? Or, what if banner ads could actually have more than just a headline and some catch phrase, and instead were able to present longer content in a more useful and efficient manner? And now that wearable tech is coming onto the scene, anything from watches to eyewear, what if we’re able to still read our favorite sources of content in those formats?

Paulsen is always looking for new ways to present relevant information for our clients in a useful format for their audience. Spritzing could possibly be another avenue to explore in the near future as screen sizes vary even more. If this interests you, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Please reach out to us at hello@paulsen.ag or call 605.336.1745.