Spark: Careers in Agribusiness

This podcast series, hosted by Paulsen President Sara Steever, features in-depth interviews with successful leaders in agribusiness careers. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes and Stitcher.

Marianne Smukowski, Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research

Marianne Smukowski, Safety Applications Coordinator at Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research, discusses her career in food science and the path she took from government to private industry to academia.

Cindy Cunningham, National Pork Board

Cunningham shares how she went from Iowa farm girl to AVP communications for one of the nation’s leading checkoff programs.

Jenny Stelmach, American Agri-Women

In her role as vice president of American Agri-Women, Stelmach connects with women in agriculture of all ages and interests. She talks with host Sara Steever about her childhood and career path.

Nancy Barcus, Agriculture Future of America

Barcus discusses her career and current role at Agriculture Future of America, which builds bridges for young leaders to foster engagement and innovation in food and agriculture.

Isabella Chism, Indiana Farm Bureau

Chism’s path to ag industry leader is unusual. She talks with host Sara Steever about how she became involved in agriculture and shares career advice.

Walt Bones, Farmer

Former South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Walt Bones shares how growing up on a farm prepared him for public service and farming success.

Gail Miller, Grossman Software Solutions

Twenty-three years ago, Miller joined Grossman Software Solutions, which serves agribusiness, and rose through the ranks to become president. She discusses her interest in science and math, role models and the power of trust.

Dawn Caldwell, Aurora Cooperative

Head of Government Affairs at Aurora Cooperative in Aurora, Neb., Caldwell grew up on a farm and earned a degree in animal science. She discusses her career path, decisions made and lessons learned—and offers encouragement and advice for individuals beginning their careers.

Nancy Johnson, North Dakota Soybean Growers Association

Johnson grew up on a farm in southern Minnesota and studied marketing and communications in college. She shares how her farm background and education prepared her for a variety of jobs during her career.

Liz Hughey, Blue Creek Cattle Company

A self-described mule advocate and horse enthusiast, Hughey is grazing manager at her family’s Red Angus beef ranch in southeastern Indiana and an author of children’s books. She visits with host Sara Steever about her unique career.