Thought Papers

Your Digital Future—Create Your Own Path

• Less than a minute

Are you wondering where digital marketing is going—and perhaps wishing you understood it a little better? If digital connectivity has shortened your attention span, here’s how you can get updated on 14 top digital trends in just minutes.

For Women Only: How to Get Ahead in Agribusiness

• 34 minute read

If you’re looking for great career opportunities, check out agriculture. That’s what the accomplished women interviewed on the Spark: Women in Agribusiness have to say. Find out how these women scaled the career ladder—and what advice they have for women (and men).

Preparing for the Future: True Strategic Planning Creates Profound Changes

• 11 minute read

True strategic planning requires courage, vulnerability, discomfort and frustration. But it yields powerful insights and can result in profound changes.

10 Things for Ag Marketers to Know about Paid Content

• 11 minute read

In ag media, paid content marketing is on the rise. Based on our experience with paid content—and interviews with four ag publishers—we put together 10 things you need to know.

7 Tech Trends That Are Changing Marketing

• 15 minute read

Virtual reality. Artificial intelligence. The Internet of Things. Robots. Whoa! Are you ready for this? Technology is changing marketing with lightning speed. And it’s leading to exciting opportunities for your company.

How Marketers Can Respond in a Down Ag Economy

• 8 minute read

It’s no secret that the U.S. ag economy is in a downturn. But what many ag marketers don’t know is that the economic slump presents a wealth of opportunity – both for farmers and agri-business. Find out how marketers can take advantage of the economic climate to expand and grow.

Farmer Cooperatives: Six Strategies to Strengthen Your Brand for the Future

• 6 minute read

Increasingly, producers are turning to their cooperative partner for answers, guidance, advocacy, sustainability leadership and a sense of community. Paulsen identified six key strategies that progressive cooperatives must take to achieve a leadership role.

5 Steps to Rebranding Your Company

• 5 minute read

Rebranding is expensive and time consuming with no guarantee of success. So why do it? To help companies make the right decision, we have identified the five most important steps to follow when reinventing a brand.

Five Digital Trends for Ag Media

• 11 minute read

Consumer digital media is exploding with exciting tools and trends that promise better targeting, and improved insight into what makes customers click. Here are five trends from the consumer side that are influencing ag media.

Understanding How Farmers Make Grain Marketing Decisions

• 7 minute read

Grain marketing is changing quickly. We spoke with producers to find out how they keep up, whom they trust and how they make their most important decisions.