7 Tech Trends That Are Changing Marketing

by Sara Steever
April 11, 2016 • 15 minute read

Innovation and invention in technology will never be as slow as they are right now.

As savvy marketers, we see opportunities for our clients, even as the pace of change accelerates. Here’s what we’re seeing.

1. Consumers Have Changed Fundamentally

  • Instant gratification. If your mobile website takes more than three seconds to load, you’ve just lost 40 percent of your visitors.
  • Access and control. Pandora and Spotify are training a generation that pays for access to everything without the hassles of ownership.
  • Context is the new content. Content may be king, but content out of context is spam. Devices know and respond to your location and the time of day. Beacons work with apps to customize your experience.
  • So many channels. Customers expect an experience that’s consistent across all platforms: stores, catalogs, websites, apps, social media, traditional media, mobile, etc.
  • Hyper personalization. We’re seeing more products that learn your preferences (Nest, Netflix) or are created for an individual (3D printers).
  • Genius is in simple. Companies will be rewarded for making customer experience easier with apps that allow you to deposit checks from your phone, pay with your phone or text an emoji to order a pizza.
  • Anticipate my needs. Artificial intelligence (AI) will help us wrangle the data that lets us predict and anticipate customer wants and needs. Smart TV predicts and loads your content ahead of time.

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