Five Digital Trends for Ag Media

by Sara Steever and Kristi Moss
April 8, 2014 • 11 minute read

Media budgets tighten, yet the pressure for engagement and ROI grows. New digital tools from the consumer side promise better targeting, and data provides insight into what makes customers click. However, these changes are slower to find their way to some publications as ag media dollars still focus primarily on important traditional forms of media. Here are five digital trends from the consumer side that influence ag media, and what they mean to marketers.

  • Trend 1 Digital ad formats
  • Trend 2 Ad serving and other techno-opportunities
  • Trend 3 Mobile
  • Trend 4 Analytics, measurement, data and reporting
  • Trend 5 Media fraud, standardization and oversight

A few of these formats are already available from some ag media partners, but we expect to see many more of them in the future.

Banners and mobile: Consumers are mobile now and will be more so in the future. The International Data Corporation (IDC) is predicting that by 2017, 87 percent of connected devices worldwide will be tablets and smartphones. We can argue how mobile farmers are, but think about it this way: what percentage of your audience are you willing to “hang up on” digitally?

It’s now old news, but iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices don’t support Flash, the industry standard for creating web banners. As more websites are programmed using responsive web techniques (providing the optimal multi-device experience), animation is created using HTML5 and CSS3.

Unfortunately this is not the case for banners, which are still largely programmed in a technology not visible to a significant number of mobile users. Ironically, a website with an optimal mobile experience is probably serving a more antiquated banner type. Publication sites that can serve HTML5 banners bridge this gap.

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