Thought Papers

Rural Lifestylers and the Influence of Online Reviews

• 7 minute read

When you’re making a major purchase, what kind of factors play into your decisions? Paulsen discovered just how influential online contributions are to purchase decisions – especially to rural lifestylers.

Digital Media’s Evolution and Impact on Telling Agriculture’s Story

• 14 minute read

To understand how ag media is using digital and what tools and messages break through the masses of communicators, Paulsen captured comments from leading ag journalists, broadcasters and bloggers.

How Multi-Generational Farming Operations Make Major Purchase Decisions

• 11 minute read

To find out what producers are thinking, Paulsen interviewed 14 multi-generational farm families throughout the Midwest. Their responses gave us great insight to what goes on around the kitchen table when “experience” meets “enthusiasm.”

Rural Lifestylers are Changing the Way They Research and Buy Products

• 11 minute read

Paulsen conducted a three-month study in 2011 to better understand how online communities, brand advocates and customer reviews influence the purchase decisions of rural lifestylers.

Adoption of Communication Tools in Agriculture

• 10 minute read

As agri-marketers, we spend a lot of time trying to understand where producers are getting their information. We know vehicles for information are changing rapidly, but we really want to know how quickly producers are adopting these new communication tools.

The New Ag Media Model

• 11 minute read

Participating in the conversation—it was the hottest media buzz-phrase in 2009 and continues to be a hot topic in 2010. So what does it mean? It means that the direction of ag media is changing dramatically, and more clients than ever are asking for guidance.