5 Tech Trends That Are Changing Marketing

Innovation in technology will never be as slow as it is right now.

As savvy marketers, we see opportunities for our clients, even as the pace of change accelerates.

1. Consumers Have Changed Fundamentally

2. Digital Marketing

The customer is in control. Ad blockers and more sources of information mean marketing must evolve.

Ad blockers.

Content-driven marketing.

New realities: blurring online and offline experiences.

Big opportunities.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

With roots in agriculture, IoT is familiar to agri-business. Expect it to change agri-marketing, too.

Mobile connects people, IoT connects things.

IoT connects people to products/brands/companies.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Search shift: Mobile and IoT are driving big changes in how we find information.

Customer experience (CX): AI improves CX by processing big data in a way that individual humans cannot.

5. Neuromarketing

The shortcomings of research where participants verbalize their opinions can be overcome with biometric monitoring devices.

In future articles we’ll cover emerging individual technologies. We would love to know what trends you are seeing, too. Email me at sara.steever@paulsen.ag.