Building trust and gaining momentum.

Scale-Tec, based in Anamosa, Iowa, came to Paulsen with the goal of increasing awareness of the need for agricultural scales, especially in a challenging ag economy.

This approach demanded that we educate the target market on a variety of issues around the general topic of scales, measurement and accuracy. Our client, who is very comfortable with technology, was receptive to our recommended paid content marketing strategy.

Over a period of 10 months, we ran native ads, Facebook ads, enewsletter modules and retargeted banner ads. We refreshed content, on average, every three weeks and included embedded video and audio in several cases.

A series of testimonial videos, used in Scale-Tec’s digital campaigns and on the company’s website, helps prospects learn about benefits from current customers.

We measured the performance of the campaign primarily using time spent on the landing page, which comes closest to tracking engagement. As the campaign continued, our client saw momentum build significantly.

We ran banner ads that coordinated with each landing page as well. Where possible, we retargeted people who visited the landing page with a banner. As the campaign progressed, so did the click-through rate on our banners.

Paulsen saw opportunity in what I would call business development marketing. The proposal from Paulsen was more than just a brand standards and digital media marketing proposal. It was a proposal that provided a new avenue of marketing through leveraging the engineering and employee expertise at Scale-Tec, as well as new experiences in digital media that Scale-Tec was not exercising. Scale-Tec was also lacking in strong content marketing, which Paulsen took to a whole new level with video, editorials, podcasts, web app and web page marketing efforts.

-Nick Von Muenster, Director of Operations, Scale-Tec

Paulsen created a new website for Scale-Tec, featuring information, products, training and support, and a variety of calculators that demonstrate how accuracy powers profitability.

We also helped Scale-Tec promote its new Internet of Things app, called REAP. This cloud-based app lets farmers control grain cart scales through their cell phones.


reap interface

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