South Dakota State University Extension

Strengthening thought leadership and impact.

Following a reorganization four years earlier, SDSU Extension came to Paulsen to better understand opportunities to engage with producers.

Our benchmark study for SDSU Extension showed a high overall level of trust among producers along with some areas of opportunity.

The client chose Paulsen’s Marketing Intelligence Program for measuring progress toward achieving its goals. Paulsen monitors analytics from the clients’ website, social media and mentions in media.

A multi-disciplinary team of senior level experts at Paulsen reviews SDSU Extension’s data quarterly. We present and interpret analytics, provide an analysis of key industry and marketing trends and make recommendations. These include everything from tactical considerations, such as the placement of a website search box, to larger-scale suggestions for new initiatives.


Increased Website Sessions From Email


Mobile Traffic Increase in One Quarter

One of Paulsen’s first projects for SDSU Extension was creating an intranet system for iGrow. It streamlined a complex workflow process to guide a staff of more than 50 specialists to publish blog posts, keeping the site continuously fresh and updated.

Paulsen worked with SDSU Extension to create, facilitate and lead a livestock development summit. The event brought a diverse group of organizations to the table to discuss ways of working together in relation to South Dakota livestock production.

Many South Dakota farmers are interested in drain tiling. To help with decision-making, SDSU Extension engaged Paulsen to work with a faculty member in creating a Drainage Calculator app. Designed both for desktop and mobile, the app includes 17 calculators to measure variables such as pipe size, flow, velocity and more.

As a key element in SDSU Extension’s continued thought leadership in agriculture, a video series called Contours was launched with Paulsen’s help.

This series of 30-minute videos brings together experts and key influencers to discuss important topics including livestock development, precision agriculture, soil health and more. It was hosted by Dr. Barry Dunn, president of South Dakota State University and former dean of the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences.

The videos were originally broadcast on South Dakota Public Television and are available for viewing on the iGrow site.

When SDSU developed a new, state-of-the-art Swine Education and Research Facility, Paulsen was asked to create a video, in conjunction with the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council, on the relationship between swine and soybeans. As the largest customer of soybean meal statewide, swine consume 61 percent of soybean meal processed in South Dakota.

The Circle of Sustainability video demonstrates how swine and soybean development are closely connected. Together, the swine and soybean industries form an economic powerhouse for South Dakota and the region.

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