Stockyards Ag Experience Barn

Engaging visitors in the story of agriculture.

The Stockyards Ag Experience Barn was created to preserve the history of the Sioux Falls Stockyards (which closed in 2009) and provide a dynamic, interactive learning center that explores modern agriculture.

Our role was to concept and implement two floors of displays and activities in the Stockyards Ag Experience Barn. Exhibits include:

  • Interactive learning about farming
  • A kitchen and grocery store complete with food items that can be scanned for information
  • Three-dimensional semi truck for hauling grain
  • 360-degree videos of livestock habitats
  • Interviews with key individuals associated with the Sioux Falls Stockyards
  • Website and identity materials

The Stockyards Ag Experience Barn opened in the spring of 2017 and has become a popular attraction in Sioux Falls for residents and tourists alike.

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